Premier League this weekend

Saturday 20 December, 5.00pm, Bay Arena
Herne Bay United v RHC Invicta

Premier League result

Club Santacruzense 10 - 7 RHC Invicta

SECRHA Under 13s results

Herne Bay United 10 - 1 RHC Invicta
RHC Invicta 0 - 13 Maidstone
RHC Invicta 2 - 4 Herne Bay B

SECRHA Under 16s results

RHC Invicta 6 - 0 Maidstone
Herne Bay 1 - 3 RHC Invicta
RHC Invicta 3 - 4 Herne Bay United

Premier League result

RHC Invicta 2 - 8 Herne Bay United

Premier League result

Middlesbrough 16 - 2 RHC Invicta

Premier League result

Kings Lynn 14 - 4 RHC Invicta

Kent League Result

RHC Invicta 6 - 3 Maidstone Gold

Premier League result

RHC Invicta 4 - 9 Project U20


Monday training restarts 1 September

Tuesday training restarts 9 September

Friday training continues throughout the school holidays

SECRHA Under 13s this weekend

Sunday 6 July, Bay Sports Arena

8.00am - RHC Invicta v Maidstone
9.30am - RHC Invicta v Herne Bay United
11.00am - RHC Invicta v Herne Bay

Kent League this weekend

Saturday 5 July, 6pm, Bay Sports Arena

RHC Invicta v HBU B

Sponsored Skate

A big thank you to everyone you attended our first Sponsored Skate last weekend. We hope you all had a good time!

SECRHA Under 11s this weekend

Sunday 11 May, Bay Sports Arena

9.00am - RHC Invicta v Herne Bay United
10.00am - Herne Bay B v RHC Invicta
11.00 - Herne Bay A v RHC Invicta

Premier League Result

Letchworth 10 - 5 RHC Invicta

Inter Regional tournaments

Good luck to all of our players representing South Eastern Counties in the Inter Regional tournaments at Peterborough this weekend!

SECRHA Under 11s Results

Maidstone 9 - 0 RHC Invicta
RHC Invicta 0 - 3 Herne Bay 2
RHC Invicta 1 - 8 Herne Bay 1

Inter Regional tournament

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to play for South Eastern Counties:

Under 11 - Kain (reserve - Tilly)
Under 13 - Max and Joseph
Under 15 - Connor and Oliver
Under 17 - Rob, James and Connor

Premier League Result

RHC Invicta 2 - 20 Herne Bay United

National Cup Qualifiers Under 15s Results

Round 1: Peterborough 0 - 3 RHC Invicta

Semi-final: Herne Bay United 4 - 0 RHC Invicta

Report now on News page

Premier League Result

Kings Lynn 10 - 0 RHC Invicta

RHC Invicta would like to express their sincerest best wishes to Bruno and hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

We also wish to offer both Bruno and the NRHA our most heartfelt apologies for this reprehensible and unforgivable incident. We do not, and will never, condone or support the actions taken by the player.

Bruno is someone who works tirelessly for the sport both within his Club and for the NRHA as a Referee; he did not deserve this to happen to him.

Welcome to RHC Invicta

Roller Hockey Club Invicta was established in the new millennium. Our club has a wealth of experience in coaching, managment and refereeing at all age and ability levels. All of our members are united by a passion for the sport.

Our club offers young newcomers the opportunity to improve their skating ability and hockey skills. Many of our players have gone on to represent their country by being selected onto the National team in their respective age group.

We are proud to have the following sponsors of our club

Please support our sponsors when you can, as without them we would not have a club.

RHC Invicta sponsors

Beginner Sessions

Abbey Sports Centre, Faversham

Every Friday 5.30 - 7.00 pm

All age and ability levels welcome.

2013/2014 National Calendar

Issue 1 available to download here

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